Dragon Fire!

Become a flame blowing dragon and let the adventure begin!

You will need:

How To:

-Using your ruler measure your toilet roll to measure out a rectangle on your green piece of project paper.

– Cut out and glue your green project paper to your toilet roll. This will be the dragon head.

– Now measure out 1.5cm x 15cm strips on your orange, red and yellow colour/ normal paper. If you are using plain white paper be sure to colour it in the recommended colour. These will be the flames.

 Set aside

-Now for the eyes and nose!

If you have green, rounded craft objects about your home, you’re in Luck! Use 2 bigger balls for the eyes and 2 smaller ones for the nose.

If you don’t have these, don’t fret, just cut out 2 0,5cm thick strips of paper(Nose) and 2 1.5sm thick strips (eyes) and roll them into neat cylinders of your desired thickness and glue them in their respective places. Stick the eyes on one end and the nose on the other

-Draw in black dots with a pen or marker to make your eyes look more real

-Time to add in the flames!

Taper the ends of each strip of paper with your scissors to make it look pointy and stick the other end to the inside of the dragons mouth.


Blow through the open end of the toilet roll to make the flames fly. 


Build a fort/castle in your lounge or their room using parts of your couch or old boxes to set the scene.

Take it

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