Page Corner Book Markers

Reading can take you on adventures beyond your wildest dreams at a turn of a page. It helps develop thinking and understanding, grows vocabulary and inspires creative thinking and motivation to be exemplary. Some sort of bookmark is essential so why not personalise it and make it fun!

Page corner bookmarks are not just super cute but are also help preserve a books spine and pages.


Cut off the end off a triangle from the end of an envelope and decorate it!


You’ll need:

Get Crafty

-Draw or Print out your stencil on a paper or project board of your choice.

-Cut out the stencil along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines

-Glue/ tape the little tab down to create a neat pocket that will fit on the corner of a page

-Go WILD and decorate your bookmark with your favourite book character, animal or design

Get reading!

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